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The first step for entry into Next Step is a completed application. Please complete the following application and submit it. After careful review, someone from our staff will contact you regarding additional steps and bed availability. Feel free to contact our office at any time for additional questions or status of your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can only continue a relationship if you are married and it is a relationship that will not hinder your recovery process. Anything else is prohibited. You cannot continue or form a romantic relationship while at the Next Step Men’s Home. Next Step does not condone or enable same sex or other unnatural or un-Biblical relationships.

Medications are not allowed at Next Step. If you have a question regarding a specific medication issue, you will need to contact us directly.

If you have a true desire to change and a willingness to follow the steps and protocols we have in place, then you will be a good fit for Next Step.

We will work with you. We have scholarships available for those who qualify. We will work through financial details with those who qualify for the program.

That is ok. We just want to know what you are skilled at, or what you like to do. We do this so that we can plug you in to the right job and/or volunteer position.

Statistics say that it takes at least one year for the mind to become clear enough for a person to choose, on their own, to stop using drugs or alcohol. It will take longer than one year to recover but one year of discipleship and accountability will increase your chances of success.

Application form

Please answer every question.

Acceptance can be delayed depending upon bed availability. Next Step is a drug free, tobacco free facility.